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Unvax Singles requires an application form from every client in order to be considered for a spot on the client roster. If you're a good fit, you will be generally contacted with next steps within four business days.

Register for online social events for singles who have not obtained any COVID-19 "jab" and want to keep it that way as a conscious decision

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and a little bit about the kind of person you're looking for (including preferred gender(s), religious views, personality traits, physical preferences, etc.) - 250 words max. *

Are you open to dating people of all ethnicities? (If not, please specify preferences).

What gender is your dating preference?

Do you agree to make a $25 per year pledge via PayPal to be added to our database for slow dating meetups with unjabbed singles via Skype video chat? You also acknowledge that you use this system at your own risk and agree not to hold us liable or legally responsible for any activities you elect to make as a result of you having filled out this online form.


No personal body
pics allowed

Explore healthy
choices and natural

Learn how to
stay human in
these times

Choose nature
over artificial

Free will

Free speech
over fascism

Love for each
other over an
evil agenda


Connect with other singles who have not gotten any so-called COVID "vaccine" or "booster" experimental technology floating around in their bodies.

  • Multicultural
  • Meet diverse singles
  • International members
  • Easy to use
  • Skype Slow Dating
  • Free Group Meetups Online
  • Discuss "pandemic" experiences
  • Share experiences
  • Explore common values
  • LGBTQ / Transgender singles welcomed
  • Best matching
  • Great dating experience
  • We welcome diverse gender experiences and sexual orientations


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